Our service is based on private over-the-phone consultations with our licensed acupuncturists. Our acupuncturists are certified in Chinese medicine and use only premium GMP herbs.
Brands we use are KPC, Evergreen, Sunten, and TCM.
You can call us at (404) 488-9648 any time between 7 am – 7 pm (EST).
Low back pain, Sciatic pain, Knee pain, Elbow pain, Shoulder pain, Neck pain, Headache, Gout, Carpal tunnel syndrome.etc.
Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease.

Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Sleeping disorder (Insomnia), Bipolar disorder, etc

Cystic fibrosis, Ovarian cyst, Endometriosis, Infertility, Irregular menstration, etc.

Rio Acupuncture

Established in 2007 by Tae Sun Park, DOM, Rio Acupuncture is located on the Buford Hwy. We help our patients achieve mental and physical wellness by finding medical solutions together through the process of evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of medical issues.

Our services are Acupuncture, Counseling, and Customized Herbs as part of your treatment. Here at Rio Acupuncture, our beliefs and practices are assisting the patients to achieve balance and total wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Acupuncture treats both acute & chronic conditions. It can also help with chemotherapy side effects such as Neuropathy, Low Energy, Nausea, Vomiting, Headaches, Migraines, and a lot more!


Our Treatments

We offer a range of medical treatments that originate from ancient Chinese medical practice, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and cupping.


Acupuncture is an ancient method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and improve functioning.
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Herbal Medicine

The focus of Herbal Medicine is to provide relief from illness. We customize herbal medicine for your health after the consultation.

Tuina Bodywork

One of the oldest systems of bodywork. It enhances acupuncture and reduce the healing time for almost any condition when combined.


Stimulates blood and lymphatic fluid to flow near the skin’s surface for easy and direct release of toxins. Relieve tension & restore circulation.

Far-Infrared Therapy

Safe and natural alternative therapy. Used in the treatment of a variety of health problems such as arthritis, muscle pain and spasms and shoulder or joint stiffness.

Rio Acupucture Covers Medicare Advantage Plans

We also take workers compensation & car accident cases
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* Medical services are provided and billed by Rio Acupuncture. above are the health plans which we currently accept.
If your plan is not listed, we will not be able to file a claim on your behalf.

Please be aware that with any health plan, there may be deductibles and copayments for which you could be responsible.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

No Insurance? No Problem!

If you do not have insurance or your insurance plan does not cover acupuncture,
No worries! we have a special discount plan available.
Just give us a call at (770) 451-7848 or text us at (404) 666-9121 for more information.
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